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Marketing in a Zero-Click World

At the 2020 Marketing Strategy Conference on Jan 22, Tammie Carlisle, head of hospitality at Milestone Inc., focused on making sure your hotel website appears in search results in this Lightning Round presentation.

Where Is Google Headed?

Google is one of the biggest tech giants in the world, accounting for 94 percent of all Internet searches. But what does that really mean? How is the company evolving, and how will that impact the hospitality industry? HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board discussed Google on a recent call. Here are some takeaways.

Changes Abound for Online Bookings

By Theodore Holloway, CHDM, Director of eCommerce, Remington Hotels, and a member of HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board There are a plethora of changes going on in hospitality marketing. On a…

How hotel marketers can embrace AI today

AI represents to businesses today what the Internet represented in the late 1990’s: A green field of opportunity to reinvent how business works and how you’ll interact with customers in the coming years.

How to Turn Your Hotel Guests Into Brand Ambassadors | By Kacey Bradley

Whether you’re running the world’s most successful business or one that’s just starting out, you’re going to have one problem in common with other business owners: marketing. You need good marketing to attract people and make money, but you need to have money to have good marketing. It’s a tough situation to be in, but there are some ways to get yourself out on top that are actually catching on in popularity with the general public.

Four Ways to Hold Your Ground in the Shifting Sands of Meta

Google recently tested placing hotel booking ads at the top of search results, as opposed to under the right panel in the local knowledge card for the hotel. It got HSMAI’s Digital Marketing Council thinking about whether hotels’ marketing budgets in 2017 should be shifted in light of the potential elevation of the widget on search engine results pages…and about a lot of other Meta-related issues.

CASE STUDY: Using SEM and Social Media to Drive Group Business | By Teri Merritt

Before I started my own business, I was heavily entrenched in the Marriott International corporate brass, where group meetings business accounts for 40% of the overall revenue for their US hotels. As a leader in marketing and e-commerce disciplines, my team’s focus was largely devoted to driving demand and revenue from the direct consumer segments and channels. For reference, our shorthand for all these activities was B2C, while those pertaining to groups were called B2B.

Insights from the Social Failure of Big Brands

By Matthew Clyde, President & Chief Strategist, Ideas Collide, and a member of HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board Inspired by a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory…

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