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Developing a Courageous Brand

Ryan Berman is passionate about courage. He’s traveled all over the country speaking to companies like Google, Snapchat, and charity: water on the topic, and on Jan. 22, he’ll give a keynote presentation on “Developing a Courageous Brand” at HSMAI’s Marketing Strategy Conference. We recently sat down with Berman to learn more about his presentation.

What’s on the Minds of Marketing Leaders?

HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board (MAB) held its annual retreat last month to identify the most pressing issues facing hotels on the marketing front, and outline plans to provide marketers the insights, tools, and best practices they need to address them.

How to Survive a Slowdown

Finally, it’s almost here: 2020. The year the economy slows down, stops growing, and/or enters recession. Or none of these things. After several years of heated speculation, the only consensus seems to be that the economy is a moving target — and that while the uninterrupted growth of the last decade can’t last forever, no one can say for sure what will happen next.

Maximizing the Relationship Between Hotels and Destination Organizations

As travelers seek more authentic destination experiences, the traditional roles of destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and hotel companies are blurring. HSMAI hosted a ThinkTank at Destinations International’s 2019 Annual Convention in St. Louis that focused on how the two can best partner.

Curate Book Club: Lean Out

Insights from an interview with Marissa Orr, author of Lean Out: The Truth About Women, Power, and the Workplace.

Thoughts on 2020 From Hotel Management Company Sales & Marketing Leaders

Hospitality marketing and sales leaders came together at HSMAI’s Hotel Management Company Sales & Marketing Executive Roundtable — held in conjunction with the Sales Leader Forum in Frisco, Texas, on Nov. 5–6 — to discuss the state of the industry and predictions for next year. Here are four of the developments they’re tracking for 2020.

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