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Fuel Sales

Post-Pandemic Sales Mindset, Strategies, and Challenges

We have entered a new era of hospitality and travel. As sales professionals and leaders, it is imperative that we shift our mindset and adopt certain strategies that will lead to effective change in our approach to sales.

HSMAI Customer Insight: Travelers’ COVID-19 Fears Continue to Recede | Longwoods

Longwoods International’s tracking study reveals many reasons for optimism in that COVID-19 fears among travelers continue to recede, even as travel sentiment is being impacted by higher gas prices in ways that may alter traveler behavior.  Exclusive insights on the findings for HSMAI from Longwoods President & CEO Amir Eylon.

A Hotel Sales Metric For Today: Social Selling Index

Holly Zoba, CHDM, principal at Scout Simply, shares insights on how hotels can update their online outcome metrics using sellers’ Social Selling Index (SSI).

Inspire Marketing

HSMAI Marketing Strategy Conference Preview: Global Trends & Evolving Customers

Daniel Levine, executive director at Avant Guide Institute, will present the general session, “Global Trends & Evolving Customers…and What They Mean for Hotel Marketing,” on June 28. Here, he tells HSMAI what attendees can expect to learn during his presentation as well as one key takeaway they can immediately implement at work.

Hospitality Marketing Faculty Share Student Perceptions of the Industry

The HSMAI Foundation continues to explore how the pandemic is affecting the talent pipeline, specifically within hospitality schools, and continued this conversation during its recent Hospitality School Marketing Faculty Forum.

HSMAI Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Clayton Reid

His work led him to receive the 2021 HSMAI Albert E. Koehl Lifetime Achievement Award for Hospitality Marketing at this year’s Adrian Awards ceremony in March.

Optimize Revenue

HSMAI Commercial Strategy Week Preview: The Post-Pandemic Evolution to Revenue Strategy

During HSMAI ROC Americas, held June 29, Dave Roberts, professor at Cornell University, will present his session, “The Post-Pandemic Evolution to Revenue Strategy,” discussing the requirements for shifting your organization in the short- and long-term to stay ahead of the revenue optimization evolution.

Managing the Complexities of Third-Party Content

Now more than ever before, consumers are driving the content they want — and don’t want — to see. How do we as hoteliers control the content chaos? The HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board recently discussed how they are managing content at their companies.

Talent Best Practice: Engaging in Professional Training to Increase Engagement, Recognition and Retention

Fifty-five Wyndham team members received their Certified Revenue Management Executive designations and were honored with a virtual graduation ceremony. Here’s the ROI they received as a result of this unique team-building program.

Video View

HSMAI Customer Insight: Expect An Onslaught Of Travelers Soon

According to their latest consumer research, Fuel says, “We’ve already seen a giant boom in some markets over the last 6 weeks of people booking hotel rooms. Some properties are seeing more than double the revenue booked online compared to 2019.
HSMAI 2022 Global ROC Programs in Five Cities Accelerating Recovery

HSMAI’s annual ROC Conferences are set to take place in London, Singapore, San Antonio, San Paolo, and Dubai in 2020.

Accelerate Recovery: HSMAI Commercial Strategy Week

The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Commercial Strategy Week will take place in person in Orlando, Florida, from June 27-30, 2022. The program will focus on accelerating the…