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Fuel Sales

HSMAI Customer Insight: The Value of the Travel Agent | MMGY

MMGY shares insights with HSMAI from their recent travel agent survey.

Pandemic Experiences: El Conquistador Tucson’s Danae Norris

HSMAI recently spoke with Norris, a member of HSMAI’s Rising Sales Leader Council, who has worked on-property full-time throughout the pandemic about how things have looked on the front lines.

HSMAI Customer Insight: Travelers Losing Confidence in Coronavirus Information Sources | Longwoods

Amir Eylon, President & CEO of Longwoods International, provides HSMAI insight into his firm’s latest traveler sentiment survey findings, including how the ever-shifting threat of the pandemic has taken its toll on consumer confidence in official information sources.

Inspire Marketing

Why Digital Marketing Is Essential

In a recent interview, Dan Wacksman, CHDM, principal at Sassato LLC and chair of HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board, explained why digital marketing is an essential hospitality skill — especially during a pandemic that has disrupted the industry.

PR Best Practices: Contiki’s #VoteWithNoRegrets

Take inspiration from last year’s Platinum winners, including Contiki’s “#VoteWithNoRegrets” campaign, in preparation for the 2020 Adrian Awards entry period.

HSMAI Customer Insight: The Most Important Word in Hospitality: Clean | MMGY

Consumers are looking for clues on how they can travel while minimizing risk for themselves and their families with research showing cleanliness is the most important factor now when selecting accommodations.

Optimize Revenue

Preparing Your Pricing Strategy for Recovery

One common reaction in times of crisis is to dramatically reduce your hotel’s average daily rate (ADR) to boost near-term revenue. Instead, go back to the basics of your pricing strategy to adapt to this ever-changing landscape.

Why Revenue Optimization Is Essential Today

Throughout the pandemic, hoteliers have found themselves relying on revenue optimization more than ever — and in new and innovative ways.

HSMAI Customer Insight: Occupancy Changes, Segment Shifts, Rate Adjustments | Amadeus

In this article for HSMAI, Katie Moro, Vice President, Data Partnerships, Hospitality, Amadeus provides insight into three key metrics and important areas for consideration in your business during this time.

Video View

Finding Success in the Middle of Chaos

HSMAI Washington DC webinar featuring Bob Anderson, on the process of revamping, reframing and re-engaging for success during these trying times.

HSMAI ROAD TO RECOVERY 2020: Learn. Connect. Lead.

HSMAI has created a comprehensive fall 2020 education plan to adapt to the needs of the industry and help sales, marketing, and revenue optimization professionals lead the recovery.

HSMAI Honors Hospitality Heroes as Part of the Annual Adrian Awards

Leading up to the 64th Annual Adrian Awards, HSMAI is honoring hospitality heroes. These award recipients have gone above and beyond in their personal and professional duties during COVID-19.