HSMAI Curate: An Executive Insights Forum

Curate is an exclusive benefits for Organizational Member companies of HSMAI.  Executives from these companies have the rare and unique opportunity to discuss emerging industry trends and issues while engaging with each other in a highly interactive format.  The forum is also unique in that it provides an opportunities for sales, marketing and revenue management executives across a wide array of companies to discuss the implications of these trends across each discipline.

Fall 2022

October 18-19, 2022
Frisco, TX

Commercial Strategy

HSMAI’s Curate 2022 will focus on how to design and build a commercial- centric organization that is strategically designed to optimize profits.

The evolution within the hospitality industry to break down silos between commercial disciplines — especially sales, marketing, revenue management, and distribution — has accelerated. And the emergence of the word “commercial” in titles at the property and corporate levels has created much conversation about strategy, organizational design, and scope in recent months.

At Curate 2022, we’ll dive into how we can harness the innovation and technology that has emerged from the convergence of sales, marketing, and revenue optimization to create holistic commercial strategic organizations. To accomplish this, we’ll learn from leaders and case studies from inside and outside the hotel industry, interactive discussions, and collaborative brainstorming.

Organizational Members will receive exclusive invitations. Contact Bob Gilbert @ bgilbert@hsmai.org for additional information.

Spring 2022

HSMAI Curate Presents:
Commercial Talent Recruitment & Retention During Recovery

Spring 2022 Virtual Program

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The pandemic has disrupted the hospitality industry, and many commercial sales, marketing, and revenue optimization professionals are dealing with the ramifications on a daily basis. One key area of impact has been on attracting and retaining talent.

The spring 2022 Curate Presents program features an on-demand video series that highlights trends and covers insights and tips from hospitality thought leaders on attracting, retaining, and developing talent.

Pre-read material: HSMAI Foundation “State of Hotel Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization Talent: 2020-2021” Special Report.


Distant and Distracted: Recruiting and Retaining Talent in an Uncertain, Hybrid World

Presenter: Debra Jasper, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Mindset Digital

The expectations of today’s workforce have changed. How you recruit, onboard, and retain talent must change, too. That means breaking old rules, choosing the essential over the expected, and rethinking just about everything. In this session, international keynote speaker and Mindset Digital Chief Executive Officer Debra Jasper will cover how to:

  • Leverage more agile and engaging approaches to recruit and retain top talent
  • Design recruitment campaigns that capture attention and drive results
  • Fully optimize your recruiters’ online presence (now, more than ever, people are connecting with you virtually)
  • Use gamification, leaderboards, and simple rewards (think water bottles and T-shirts) to transform how you onboard and train your teams

Job seekers have lots of options these days. This fast-paced session will explain how to embrace — and showcase — new approaches that will elevate your outreach and help you stand out from the crowd.


Trends in Engaging Commercial Talent in Hospitality

Panelists: Mike Gamble, HSMAI Americas & HSMAI Foundation Board Member, Searchwide Global; Ken Greger, HSMAI Foundation Board Member, August Leadership; moderator Michelle Woodley, HSMAI Foundation Chair, Preferred Hotels & Resorts

This session will discuss the executive recruiter perspective on the current state of hospitality talent, the roles of company culture and DEI in retention post-pandemic, and what companies can do to help their employees stay engaged.


Development, Upskilling, and Reskilling for a More Resilient Team

Panelists: Linda Gulrajani, HSMAI Revenue Management Advisory Board Past Chair, Marcus Hotels & Resorts; Theo Holloway, HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board Chair, BWH Hotels & Resorts; Eric Kreins, HSMAI Sales Advisory Board Chair, Hilton; moderator Juli Jones, HSMAI Vice President

This session will discuss the sales, marketing, and revenue optimization perspective on how a renewed focus on professional and personal growth and development within your team can encourage longevity with and loyalty to your company.

Additional HSMAI content on navigating the commercial talent landscape:


Prior Curate Content

Curate Presents Interviews – Leadership in Challenging Times

» CINDY NOVOTNY — HSMAI Award for Lifetime Achievement in Sales

» LELAND PILLSBURY — Albert E. Koehl Award for Lifetime Achievement in Hospitality Marketing

» ROBERT CROSS — Vanguard Award for Lifetime Achievement in Revenue Optimization

» MENTAL RESILIENCE: DR. JANNELL MACCAULAY, leadership/performance specialist and HSMAI ROC 2020 speaker

» RESONANT MARKETING: MIRI RODRIGUEZ, author of Brand Storytelling: Put Customers at the Heart of Your Brand Story

» LEGAL ANALYSIS: GREG DUFF, chair of Foster Garvey’s hospitality, travel, and tourism practice

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