Cross Functional Teamwork and the Evolution of Commercial Leadership

Effective cross-functional collaboration stands as a pivotal trend shaping contemporary business outcomes. Realizing the full potential of collaborative teamwork demands meticulous preparation, the alignment of shared objectives, and the guidance of skilled leadership to reinforce desired organizational behaviors and objectives.

Evolving Past ROAS as the Primary Marketing KPI

What KPIs other than return on ad spend (ROAS) do organizations lean into to show value in our digital marketing initiatives? Read on for some key takeaways and ideas to get started from the HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board.

Taking Commercial Strategy To The Next Level

This report and accompanying Commercial Effectiveness Organizational Effectiveness Assessment was created by the HSMAI Commercial Strategy Workgroup. HSMAI’s Commercial Effectiveness Organizational Assessment allows a hotel organization (individual hotel, management company, ownership group, or brand) to assess and score their implementation of the 11 key drivers of commercial excellence.

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HSMAI Celebrates 67th Annual Adrian Awards
HSMAI honored travel marketing excellence at the Adrian Awards Celebration on Tuesday, February 13, at the New York Marriott Marquis with more than 500 industry and agency executives in attendance.

HSMAI Foundation and Women in Travel THRIVE Release Research on the Power of Mentorship
As part of the Foundation’s commitment to developing talent, this research provides valuable insights into the role of mentorships in empowering and advancing women in our field. 

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