Unleashing the Power of Motivation: The HSMAI Sales Rising Leader Council on Keeping Teams Inspired and Productive

Nicole Lazo, National Sales Manager, Terranea Resort, HSMAI Rising Sales Leader Council  

How do you stay motivated? How do you motivate others? With the pandemic in our rear-view, and a focus on work life balance more prevalent than ever before, keeping our teams producing without the fear of “burn out” has been a continual focus for sales teams. I brought this topic to a recent HSMAI Sales Rising Leader Council to find out, what are their motivation secrets? 

How We Motivate Our Teams:  

  1. Celebrating the little wins or micro-goals as much as the big wins!  
  2. Sharing big picture vision with the team, so we are all working towards the same goal.    
  3. Team competitions – but instead of us vs. you try – us vs. us last year.  
  4. Setting attainable Goals – daily/weekly/monthly – day of the week motivation 
  5. Build Trust – show up, get in the trenches, and be ready for the fire alarm to support when needed!  
  6. In the current climate of talent, negative motivation doesn’t work as well.  

How We Are Staying Motivated:  

  1. Commit to yourself first.  
  2. Go on daily walk or some activity that takes you outside/staying active.  
  3. Stay motivated by purpose, passion, and meaning. 
  4. Believe in your product.  
  5. Thinking about how our work ensures jobs and livelihood for staff.  
  6. Incentives – winning prizes for staff.  

I met Dane Sanders, a public speaker, business coach and Forbes trainer, and had the opportunity to discuss the importance of ‘Culture’ within teams & partnerships. Dane says: When employees love their job, they become unstoppable in their work. From my time with Dane, I’ve learned how motivation can truly help people get out of their own way, clearing a path and providing confidence. In the words of Dane: When people feel stressed or unmotivated it’s affecting your bottom line.  

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