Taking Control of Your Career: The Power of Conversations and Growth Opportunities

Rachel Martin, Director of Sales at Graduate Hotels, HSMAI Rising Sales Leader Council Member 

As rising leaders, we need to spend time thinking about our next steps for career growth and seeking out opportunities to progress further. In a recent HSMAI Rising Sales Leader Council meeting I brought the topic of career growth, progression, and personal development to the group for discussion.  

Top Three Tips for Career Growth 

1. Open Communication and Advocacy for Career Growth 

Having open and honest conversations with leaders and supervisors about career aspirations is crucial. As is advocating for yourself and expressing the desire for growth and new opportunities within the company. Taking the initiative to discuss career paths with supervisors can lead to positive outcomes and pave the way for advancement.  

2. Proactivity and Taking on Additional Responsibilities 

Take the initiative to seek new challenges and take on additional responsibilities within your current roles.  This helps expand your skill set, showcase your abilities, and demonstrate your readiness for the next step in your career. It exhibits your potential for growth and development. 

3. Building Relationships and Seeking Mentors 

Building strong relationships with leaders, mentors, and colleagues is a vital aspect of career progression. Maintain connections with past managers and leverage those relationships to create new opportunities. Network and seek mentors both within and outside your organization and participate in professional groups and development programs to gain guidance, support, and additional perspectives on career advancement. 

The common theme of our discussion was to take control of your career progression and make those conversations and connections happen. A leader is waiting for you to talk with them about what’s next. If you have a plan and you know what you want, it’ll happen. It may not happen right away, and it may surprise you that it happens sooner than you anticipate, so take control!  

Further Reading 

Questions to Think About 

  • Have you discussed your growth opportunities with your current managers? 
  • Are there any obstacles you have faced in growing within your company?  
  • Have you taken on new roles to showcase your ability to grow? 

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