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Corporate Culture and Values Matter

Talent issues continue to dominate headlines and high-level corporate discussions. The need to restore trust in hospitality companies is essential to attract and retain qualified professionals. 

Flexible Work is Here to Stay

Flexible work means many different things, including flexible location, hours, time off, earning potential, job sharing options, and more. “We have an SOP, which gives us a guideline, but we’re flexible on an individual basis, and more so in some departments than others. Building fairness and equity into the policies is crucial,” one senior executive said.

16 Tips for Preventing Burnout: Keep You and Your Team Happy 😊

Burnout is most common among high achievers and is often related to being short-staffed and high turnover, both prevalent in the current climate. Over the last year, burnout has been a recurring topic for the Rising Sales Leader Council as we’ve brainstormed ways to prevent burnout in ourselves and our teams.  

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