Partner Company Organizational Membership Overview

We would like to invite your company to join HSMAI as an Organizational Member for calendar year 2023.

With an Organizational Membership, your company and multiple corporate associates will have access to a wide range of unique benefits. This includes leadership positions including an appointment to serve on the HSMAI Americas governing board and seats on the associations Advisory Boards. These vary by level of membership.

Among the most valuable benefits is the opportunity for your team to engage with peers from other Organizational Member companies at Curate, a unique executive insights forum exclusively for organizational member associates where they can connect and discuss priority issues and emerging trends across hotel sales, marketing, revenue optimization, and distribution.  Curate offers invaluable insights that can help lead you and your company through the most critical business  concerns facing the hospitality industry. Associates at Organizational Member companies also have access to complimentary registrations at a wide variety of virtual programming produced annually by the association.

In addition, partner organizational member companies will be positioned as supporters of the HSMAI Mike Leven Leadership Conference, which brings together volunteer leaders from across the Americas chapters.

Individuals can also join HSMAI on their own or as part of a multiple membership option.

Partner Organizational Members

A voice in the development of high-level content, insights, and educational programs for hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue-optimization professionals

  • Executives from Organizational Members have the opportunity to share trends and predictions that will help guide the content and educational programs HSMAI produces through Curate, a uniquely facilitated event online or in-person exclusively for Organizational Member company representatives.
  • Curate delegates engage with their peers across hospitality sales, marketing, revenue optimization, and distribution.
  • Organizational companies are recognized in content produced by HSMAI.

A unique experiential and learning opportunities for executive audiences

  • The Curate cross-disciplinary program exclusively for Organizational Members, which will include interactive virtual programs and in-person sessions in conjunction with HSMAI signature events that are held in 2022.
  • A year long series of Recovery Connections programs with relevant and timely education and best practice exchange (complimentary for all member associates).
  • Complimentary access for all member associates to virtual education programs, including Mindset Digital and State of the Industry sessions.

Memberships, communication, and access to resources

  • Membership for multiple corporate or regional headquarters associates employed by your company. The number of members is based on the level of membership. The opportunity to add chapter-level engagement for selected associates is available for no additional fee. For organizations that want to add members beyond the number allotted in the Organizational Membership package level, incremental membership can be secured at a discounted $250 per person.
  • A membership concierge from HSMAI will work with the designated contact at your company to identify individuals to be included in HSMAI communications. Your designated contact will also have access to membership rosters and be able to easily make transfers and edits on behalf of your organization.
  • Monthly Executive Insights newsletter, with high level content featuring enterprise-centric insights and resources.
  • Best Practices Guides sharing case studies and solutions related to innovation, data analytics, talent development, and other topics identified at Curate
  • Access to HSMAl’s online Insights for all Organizational Member associates.

Curate is a signature benefit of HSMAI Organizational Membership

  • An Executive Insights Forum that allows you and your colleagues to anticipate, discuss, and respond to the most critical business issues facing the hospitality industry- in a cross-disciplinary format that spans sales, marketing, revenue optimization, and distribution, with executives from individual hotels, brands, management companies, and partners.
  • Prioritizes and frames those issues in a way that helps guide HSMAl’s content-development.
  • Provides curated problem-solving insights that you can take back to your company.
  • Offers an exclusive in-person networking experience at a premier hotel or resort, and access to thought leaders during interactive virtual presentations. Examples of past Curate programs and themes discussed have included:

2023: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence, Long Beach, CA

2023: Beyond Burnout

2022: How to Build and Optimize a Commercial Focused Team and Strategy, Frisco, TX

2022: Distant and Distracted: Recruiting and Retaining Talent in an Uncertain, Hybrid World

2022: Development, Upskilling, and Reskilling for a More Resilient Team

2022: Trends in Engaging Commercial Talent in Hospitality

2021: Redefining Success: What are the New Key Performances Indices Needed Today

2020: Resilience Now: How Mindfulness and Reflection Build Mental Toughness

2020: Resilience Now: Bouncing Up – Level Up from Resilience to Reinvention

2020: Resilience Now: Leading Thru Uncertainty – Unlock Peak Performance for Your Team

2020: Leadership in Challenging Times

2020: The Legal Outlook for COVID-19

2020: Telling Your Brand Story With Empathy

2019: Design Thinking and Innovation

2019: Disruption in Distribution and Technology

2018: Talent Development and Innovation

2018: Mastering Data Analytics and Finding Innovation

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Americas RegionAmericas RegionAmericas RegionAmericas Region
Regional Company Revenues>10 billion USD100mil-10bil USD100mil-10bil USD<100 million USD
Regional Board Seat1
Advisory Board seat(s)3 (1 on each)1
Additional memberships$300 pp (no max)$300 pp (max 25)$300 pp (max 10)$300 pp (max 5)
Curate Forum-In Person (1)3221
Curate Forum-Virtual (min 1)2010105
Recognition on content producedRecognized at the Diamond levelRecognized at the Emerald levelRecognized at the Sapphire levelRecognized at the Ruby level
Recognition at Leadership ConferenceRecognized at the Diamond levelRecognized at the Emerald levelRecognized at the Sapphire levelRecognized at the Ruby level
Leadership Conference Registration211
Certification (CRME, CHDM)22
Partner Spotlight in Executive Insights1
Articles or Content for Insights Newsletter10533
Chapter EngagementAny member associates may choose a local chapterAny member associates may choose a local chapterAny member associates may choose a local chapterAny member associates may choose a local chapter
Advocacy, Education and Resource Developmentincludedincludedincludedincluded
Executive Insights enewsletterincludedincludedincludedincluded
Early access to curated contentincludedincludedincludedincluded
Annual Investment*US$45,000US$35,000US$25,000US$15,000

Companies may upgrade to a higher tier if they would like additional individual memberships for associates or additional benefits. Additional individual membership may also be purchased at a discount exclusive for Organizational Members at a flat rate of $250 per person.

Pricing for Organizational Membership is tiered based on the annual gross revenue of the company in the Americas Region.

Organizational Membership also exists in HSMAI Europe. Organizations interested in membership in both regions can inquire about special pricing packages.

*Org Memberships confirmed after December 1, 2022 may not be able to have Advisory Board seats confirmed until calendar year 2024.  Also, Advisory Boards representative is limited to a maximum of one represented per company.  If the company already has an elected represented serving a multi-year term on an advisory board, this appointment is not incremental and would not apply.