Mastering the Art of Communication: Transformative Strategies for Hotel Leaders

HSMAI staff recently sat down with Denise Thomas, the President of The Effective Communication Coach, who will be a keynote speaker at the HSMAI Commercial Strategy Conference (CSC), June 25-26, in Charlotte, NC. Denise takes a personalized approach, empowering individuals to “lead from where they are” in order to foster substantial, positive changes within their organizations. Her consulting and business serve professionals from entry level to C-Suite Executives on how effective communication can drive advancement in their career and innovation across their businesses.  

Read on for our interview with Denise.  

Q: Could you give us an overview of your session at Commercial Strategy Week? 

A: I’m thrilled about joining HSMAI at CSC in June – Charlotte is a great city! During the keynote Mastering the Art of Communication attendees will understand the power of great and exceptional communication to connect with others. This is for individuals that want to excel and exceed expectations. Attendees should show up ready to have a great time and further their brand to elevate success.  

Q: Why is communication so important for today’s hospitality commercial professionals? 

A: Hospitality professionals have commitment, dedication, and passion for connecting to guests and consumers on a day-to-day basis. How do does our communication change when we are connecting with teams, leaders, or guests? There’s also a responsibility to make sure that we are thinking of psychological safety – there is a mental health crisis. What are some of the words and narratives and language that can sustain a great experience in your role. And that you have what you need psychological safety is protected and embraced.  

Q: What will attendees be able to implement immediately after attending your session? 

A: During the session, attendees will engage in exercises specific to how they show up, how they communicate, and how to bring out the best in them. They will also receive a digital and hard copy of the effective communication guidebook. The session will focus on understanding how to connect with others and how to communicate with others how to get the best out of you. Attendees will be able to apply these techniques and practices immediately when they return to their respective locations. 

Q: How does your session tie into Commercial Strategy?   

A: The session ties into the broader theme of Commercial Strategy by focusing on growth and how to generate more sales and valuable experiences for clients. Communication will be at the forefront of commercial strategy, and attendees will learn how to have difficult conversations and navigate through them. 

This session will provide attendees with applicable mechanisms, great new mindsets and understandings, as well as an appreciation of how to show up as their best authentic, genuine self. We’ll talk about the narratives and even the nonverbal communication techniques to elevate their company’s brand, their mission, and the overall business growth objectives. 

Q: Could you talk about any future trends you’ll be discussing in your session? 

A: During the session, I will discuss generational movements that are changing the landscape of how people work together. The session will cover how having multiple generations in the workforce is impacting the overall experience in the workplace, how to embrace mistakes, learn from them, recruit and sustain top talent, and manage change.  

Q: What resources would you recommend for anyone wanting to maximize their experience? 

A: For those looking to deepen their understanding or application of the session’s insights, I recommend: 

  1. Visit the my website to access tutorials and see her communication and keynote speaking style in action.  
  2. Connect with me on social to ask direct questions and receive additional information. 
  3. Be ready to be engaged and present during the session – it’s an investment in yourself and your growth. 

Q: Anything else you’d like share?  

A: I want to remind attendees that they are not alone in navigating the many challenges they face. I encourage everyone to come to the session with an open mind. Your mindset is so important, so show up as your best self, and remember you are not alone as we come together. Whatever you want to gain, whatever you need to learn, whoever you want to connect with, you can with the right mindset. Be ready to receive the best!  

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