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Four Revenue Topics in the Forefront

HSMAI’s Revenue Optimization Advisory Board discuss the four revenue-focused topics that will be discussed in HSMAI Recovery Connections sessions.

Auditing Room Types to Maximize Profit

As trends change, so do the types of rooms that guests are interested in. Learn what to consider, how to start the process and the logistics of creating new room types when auditing rooms to maximize profits.

Preparing Your Pricing Strategy for Recovery

One common reaction in times of crisis is to dramatically reduce your hotel’s average daily rate (ADR) to boost near-term revenue. Instead, go back to the basics of your pricing strategy to adapt to this ever-changing landscape.

A Sales Approach to Optimizing Revenue

Cindy Novotny, managing partner at Master Connection Associates, shared sales tips that hospitality revenue professionals can also take advantage of.

Why Data Analytics Is Essential

Throughout the pandemic, data analytics has become an increasingly sought-after skill, as hoteliers become more dependent on data to navigate an uncertain world.

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