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HSMAI Perspectives: Demystifying AI: Insights from Curate 2023

In early November in Long Beach, CA, over 70 industry leaders gathered for Curate 2023 on Demystifying AI, a topic increasingly central to our industry’s future. One thing was clear from the event, you can’t hide from AI, it is here to stay.

5 Tips for Leading with a Revenue Strategy Mindset

As the year winds down, it is crucial to assess the current state of a revenue strategy mindset within your hotel organization. Revenue leaders are tasked with the mission of getting buy-in from all stakeholders and departments within the hotel by breaking down the data and explaining the why behind the strategy. 

13 Insights on the Past, Present and Future of Revenue Management

At this time of year, as we’re working on budgets, we look to the past and to the future. So, I brought questions of the past, present, and future to the HSMAI Revenue Optimization Advisory Board. During the discussion board members shared these valuable insights and pieces of advice.  

Navigating Taxation & AI Governance in Hospitality Distribution

In an ever-evolving economic and technological landscape global distribution teams must keep pace with taxation changes and AI governance locally and on a global scale. The HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board recently met to discuss these pressing topics and share best practices.  

HSMAI Century Campaign: Building a Bridge to Our Brightest Future

For close to a century, HSMAI has stood as a guiding light for innovation, support, and community growth within the hotel sales, marketing, and revenue optimization fields. Now, as we begin the countdown to our momentous 100-year anniversary in 2027, we’re excited to unveil the Century Campaign for the HSMAI Foundation.  

Innovative Strategies for Hotel Revenue Growth

With growing operational costs hotels need to get creative about ways to drive more Revenue. Ancillary and other revenue streams are becoming more and more important as the days go on and are moving to be included, if not already, under the revenue optimization umbrella. Aiming to improve topline revenue, combat rising operational costs, and increase guest conversion, ancillary and other revenue streams will become as important as rooms revenue in the blink of an eye. 

5 Tips for Futureproofing: The Complexities of Distribution

HSMAI hosted a Distribution Executive Roundtable in Toronto.  From technological advances to sustainability demands, industry leaders grapple with a changing landscape of distribution. Here’s a look at the most pressing concerns and strategies to address them. 

The Importance of Purposeful Leadership in Today’s Labor Climate

It is no secret that we are still facing a labor shortage. However, the hospitality industry isn’t just grappling with a talent shortage, we are dealing with a retention problem. The answer may lie in the way we approach leadership. This topic was brought to the HSMAI Revenue Optimization Advisory Board to discuss purpose-driven leadership in revenue optimization.  

Evolving Distribution in Food and Beverage and Ancillary Areas

Distribution teams’ missions have always been focused on selling rooms across a multitude of platforms. But as the industry evolves, so should our strategies. It’s time to cast our net wider and delve into structured approaches for food & beverage (F&B) and other ancillary areas.

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