Taking Commercial Strategy To The Next Level

This report and accompanying Commercial Effectiveness Organizational Assessment was created by the HSMAI Commercial Strategy Workgroup. HSMAI’s Commercial Effectiveness Organizational Assessment allows a hotel organization (individual hotel, management company, ownership group, or brand) to assess and score their implementation of the 11 key drivers of commercial excellence:**

1. Cross Functional Organizational Design and Alignment
2. Commercial Operations
3. Go-To-Market Model Design
4. Market Insight
5. Segmentation & Growth Priorities
6. Offerings & Value Propositions
7. Lead Generation & Management
8. Commercial Team Effectiveness
9. Channel Partner Programs & Management
10. Pricing Strategy & Execution
11. Customer Service Effectiveness

The assessment provides a structured framework for assessing and improving the effectiveness of various commercial functions within a hotel organization’s operations. It will help a hotel organization identify where its commercial structure is strong and where improvements are needed.

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** These drivers are adapted with permission from ZS’s work on B2B Commercial Effectiveness Drivers and its SFE Navigator initiative. https://www.zs.com/

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