Leveraging Organizational Bench Strength: Strategies for Building Sustainable Distribution Capacity

Jeff Wermager, CRME, Independent Consultant, HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board Member  

Distribution isn’t as glamorous or as well-known as sales and marketing, and many distribution departments struggle to fill open positions, so it’s very important to build bench strength. The HSMAI’s Global Distribution Advisory Board met recently to brainstorm ideas on how to build distribution bench strength. Here are some ideas to take back to your organization.  

4 Key Staffing Sources:  

  • Revenue heads and leaders  
  • Graduates and then on the job training 
  • Hiring from outside the industry or allied industries like OTA  
  • Recruit internally from IT, CRO, revenue management or sales reservation teams 

Advisory board members discussed how sales reservation and CRO teams are able to pull from their high-level insights and technical expertise into distribution and can be key on the operational side of distribution teams. Revenue and astute sales team members can bring their experience to the business strategy side of distribution.  

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