Curate Session Recap: The Framework and Roadmap

Mike Moorman, ZS, returned to the stage in the afternoon to present and facilitate a working session: The Framework and Roadmap. Mike opened with sharing a few slides (found here) to prepare for the working session. He described that for many companies, a commercial effectiveness audit is a common starting point for commercial effectiveness initiatives.  

The audit has the following objectives:  

  • Common framework and language 
  • Shared understanding across leadership and key stakeholders 
  • Objective assessment of key prioritizes 
  • Cleans and compelling roadmap and business case 
  • Clear charter and accountabilities 

Mike reintroduced the 12 key drivers for the hospitality industry that he had identified. Then, he gave attendees the opportunity to start thinking about their organization’s position for each one.  

After the exercise many realized that the road to commercial effectiveness will be “a system and team sport,” as Mike put it, and not something they can accomplish alone.  

The final poll of the day demonstrated that the vast majority of the room felt the investment in commercial effectiveness would have a significant impact on their companies.  

If you’d like to recreate the experience, work through the templates found in his slides – available exclusively to HSMAI organizational members. 

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