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What Hotel Marketers Think About Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This year, many businesses are stretching out their sales to start earlier and last longer, including many hotels. During a recent call, members of HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board discussed their sale plans and how coronavirus has changed how they traditionally execute them.

HSMAI Customer Insight: Trending into the Holiday Season | Google

As 2020 comes to a close, and the US is seeing an alarming resurgence in COVID cases nationwide, Google reports it is seeing that some behaviors may be sticking around longer than previously anticipated. As google looks towards recent search trends for HSMAI, here are the ones that remain top of mind.

HSMAI Customer Insight: The Black Traveler | MMGY

The first in a series of MMGY Travel Intelligence market research studies to be informed by diverse travel advocacy organizations to better identify the needs, behaviors and sentiment of underrepresented travel communities.

The Legal Outlook for COVID-19, Part 2

During the early days of the pandemic, we talked to industry attorney Greg Duff about the potential legal ramifications of COVID on the hospitality industry. Nearly six months later, has any of that changed?

How COVID Is Reshaping the Future of Hospitality Work

Danielle Hawkins of Deloitte Consulting discusses “Hospitality Trends and the Acceleration to the Future of Work,” and how COVID has only accelerated some of the trends shaping the future of work in the hospitality industry — and led to some permanent changes.

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