5 Key Tactics HSMAI’s Rising Leaders use to Gain Buy-In from Senior Leadership

Rachel Martin, Director of Sales, Graduate Hotels, HSMAI Sales Rising Leader Council  

It can be difficult to gain the support of senior leadership for initiatives, especially if you’re in a large organization or not in a management position. The HSMAI Sales Rising Leader Council met to share their thoughts on employee engagement and gaining buy-in. 

Five Key Tactics:  

  1. Transparency is key and goes both ways. Be upfront about your career goals with your manager. RLC members also appreciated tactics like CEO fireside chats and regular all hands meetings.  
  2. Employee surveys are a great tool for leadership to get a pulse on how the employees are doing and offer leadership opportunities for work on cross functional committees.  
  3. Take Initiative! If you see a gap, take on the extra work or submit an idea for a project to tackle it. It’s not just about your promotion or recognition, but advancing the company.  
  4. Ask, if you have a question on where the company is going. Chances are you’re not the only one with the question and it shows your interest in helping the company reach it’s goals.  
  5. Cultivate Authentic Confidence: What steps can you take to improve your confidence without coming across as disingenuous? These seven strategies can elevate you without feeling inauthentic.

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