Sales Leader Forum Insight: Opportunities & Threats: Strategic Issues for Short- & Long-Term Talent

Staffing challenges in sales, marketing, revenue optimization, and operations are being felt across all hotel companies at the unit and corporate levels. In the HSMAI Sales Leader Forum 2022 session, Kimberly Rath provides insights into  “loud retaining” strategies you can deploy to recharge your talent strategy.

Save the Date for the 2023 HSMAI Sales Leader Forum, November 8, 2023, Long Beach, CA

Sales Leader Forum Insight: Widen Your Lane: Build Your Digital Marketing Competency

This session from the 2022 HSMAI Sales Leader Forum — led by the instructors of HSMAI’s popular Hotel Digital Marketing Essentials course — gave attendees a better understanding of the hospitality digital marketing concepts, tools, and techniques needed to hit sales goals.

Learn more about HSMAI’s Hotel Digital Marketing Essentials course – next class starts February 7 – and the new self-paced option coming soon.

Sales Leader Forum Insight: Helping Sales Teams be More Effective & Efficient

As the industry’s recovery continues — and recessionary threats loom — how can you support your team to maintain or grow your margin? What strategies and insights can hotels learn from other industries and industry leaders? Insights from Dr. Kelly McGuire, Principal, ZS, and Jeff Patton, Vice President of Sales, Americas, Hilton, at HSMAI’s Sales Leader Forum 2022.

Save the Date for the 2023 HSMAI Sales Leader Forum, November 8, 2023, Long Beach, CA

Sales Leader Forum Insight: Speak with Influence: Communicating with Impact as a Leader

Leading communication expert and champion, Karen Laos, provides best practices for stepping up your communication game in the workplace. Whether you’re a seasoned expert in the field or growing into a new role, Karen offered tips and tricks for enhancing your presence and your message in this HSMAI Sales Leader Forum 2022 session.

Save the date for next year’s HSMAI Sales Leader Forum, November 8, 2023, Long Beach CA, USA.

Commercial Strategy Insight: Sales in Commercial Organizations: Fueling Collaboration and Avoiding Collision

All commercial disciplines in hotels — including sales, marketing, revenue management, and distribution — are evolving and expanding.  Hotel performance goes up when the walls between the disciplines come down. How we share goals, develop integrated strategies, and determine new measures of success can be the difference between growth and stagnation. This strategic presentation at the HSMAI Sales Leader Forum 2022  from Allison Handy, SVP of Sales, Aimbridge, will help you better understand this evolution so you can lead and adapt accordingly.

Commercial Strategy Week Insight: A View from the Top

Industry leaders featured during HSMAI Commercial Strategy Week 2022 share their perspectives on current events in the hotel and travel landscape, what the future holds for commercial strategy in hotels, and other important issues affecting the industry today.

  • Dawn Gallagher, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Crescent
  • Lori Kiel, CHDM, Chief Commercial Officer, Kessler Collection
  • Andrew Rubinacci, Executive Vice President Revenue Strategy,
    Aimbridge Hospitality
  • Moderated by Jennifer Hill, CRME, CHDM, VP, Commercial Strategy, Kalibri Labs

Commercial Strategy Week Insight: Time to Break the Rules…Again

Stephen Hambleton, CRME, Product Management and Product Success, IDeaS Revenue Solutions, provides insights into leveraging automation and targeting segmentation for a new approach to pricing during a Lightning Round session at ROC Americas, part of HSMAI Commercial Strategy Week 2022.

Mark your calendars for HSMAI Commercial Strategy Week 2023: June 26-29, Toronto, Canada!

Commercial Strategy Week Insight: Navigating the Future of Data and Travel Marketing

Ashley Sellhorst, Director of Sales, Sojern, and member of the HSMAI Rising Sales Leader  Council, provided insights during her Lightning Round session at HSMAI’s Marketing Strategy Conference 2022, part of Commercial Strategy Week.

Mark your calendars for HSMAI Commercial Strategy Week 2023: June 26-29, Toronto, Canada!