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Fuel Sales

What’s On the Mind of Rising Sales Leaders?

HSMAI’s Rising Sales Leader Council Members are the future of sales leadership, with new ideas and creative solutions. They are adapting to an industry that is influenced by economic uncertainties, rapid technological developments, and changing customer needs. At their first meeting of 2024, they reviewed their scouting reports, covering the topics they believe will be most relevant this year.  

HSMAI Customer Insight: Travelers Use of Chat GPT for Trip Planning Stalls | Longwoods

According to the latest Longwoods International tracking study of American travelers, only 14% of them have used Chat GPT to plan a trip in the past six months. And only 31% of them report that it is likely they will use Chat GPT to plan their next trip, statistically unchanged from 32% in April of 2023. Insights for HSMAI from Longwoods President & CEO Amir Eylon.

HSMAI Sales Leader Forum Insight: Utilizing AI with Sales and Marketing Automation to Drive Group Sales

Mike Schmitt, CEO of Clairvoyx, provides insights during a 2023 HSMAI Sales Leader Forum Lightning Round session, in which industry experts share best practices, in 6 minutes & 40 second presentations, with practical takeaways that  impact the strategic and leadership aspects of the sales discipline.

Inspire Marketing

Behind the Scenes of the Adrian Awards: Judges Reveal Winning Strategies

Every year, the Adrian Awards demonstrate creativity, strategic excellence, and technological innovation. This year’s awards have not only highlighted the excellence that illuminates our industry but also presented a wealth of insights from the judges —insights that can benefit every travel marketing and PR professional. Here, we dive into the trends that distinguished winners from entrants in the eyes of the judges. Our judges have a rich history of involvement with HSMAI and a deep understanding of the industry’s evolution.  

HSMAI Long Read

Industry can take a more active role in bringing commercial careers to the classroom through paid internships, specific case studies, industry RFPs sent to schools for research projects, and access to industry for mentoring students.

HSMAI Customer Insight: Travelers Cautiously Optimistic about 2024 Travel | Longwoods

According to the latest Longwoods International tracking study of American travelers, 92% of them plan to travel in the next six months, which is near a record high percentage in the past 12 months.  However, there has been an uptick in concern about both personal finances and travel costs. Exclusive insights for HSMAI from Longwoods President & CEO Amir Eylon.

Optimize Revenue

What’s on the Minds of the HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board Members?

The first meeting of 2024 for the HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board took place and we talked about what we’d like to discuss in 2024, including: 

5 Tips for Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Talent in Revenue Optimization

It goes without saying that we’ve had a lot of change over the last several years – some as a direct result of the pandemic and post-pandemic era, and some changes have been unrelated, like the surge of AI tools over the last year and the marked generational shift. 

The Value of the Relationship between Revenue Management teams and Contact Centers

If you had the opportunity to peruse our latest article on The Value of a Contact Center, you might now be wondering how you go about fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with your contact center – lets dive in!  

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What is the impact of AI?

Commercial strategy leaders attending HSMAI’s Commercial Strategy Week 2023 provide their insights.
HSMAI Foundation’s Annual State of Talent Report Reveals Top Hospitality Talent Trends

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: McLean, VA (Feb. 22, 2024) The Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Foundation is proud to release its third Annual State of Talent report which reveals…

HSMAI Celebrates 67th Annual Adrian Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: McLean, VA (Feb. 14, 2024) – The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) honored travel marketing excellence at the Adrian Awards Celebration on Tuesday, February 13, at the New…