HSMAI Customer Insight: Travelling By Car Still Deemed Safest By Far | MMGY

It’s inarguable that travel as an industry will be on the frontlines of the economic recovery, and navigating the pandemic safely is our first priority. But as marketers, it’s not just a dollars and cents game. Travel, at its very essence, brings joy. It elicits a sense of anticipation. It satisfies our very core human needs to connect and learn. Even the planning part is fun! As our industry and all of its many partners unite around the goal to bring travel back responsibly, Americans are telling us this is what they want – but they are scared. Let’s continue to talk about the messages that will inspire confidence and excitement in the coming phases of recovery. Below is a link to our latest travel safety barometer which provides the latest insights into how to navigate the next normal as it unfolds. 

MMGY Global Travel Safety Barometer, November 2020

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