Certified Revenue Management Analyst (CRMA)

The Certified Revenue Management Analyst (CRMA) Certification is designed for hospitality students whose aspirations are focused on a career in hotel revenue optimization and for hospitality instructors looking to supplement their revenue management curriculum.

As a faculty member, preparing your hospitality students for a career in revenue management and ensuring they are armed with an understanding of revenue optimization principles is essential.

As a student studying revenue management, you are looking for an edge that will set you apart from your peers. You can now prove your knowledge by earning a globally recognized certification administered by HSMAI.

Created by hoteliers, the CRMA designation recognizes students for their understanding of the application of revenue management concepts and is an important tool in the teaching process for faculty.

The Certified Revenue Management Analyst (CRMA) Certification separates students from the pack and demonstrates to current and potential employers that you have mastered the foundations of revenue optimization. Recruiters looking for candidates with a verified baseline of knowledge in the latest thinking and practices can use this certification to narrow their list to prequalified candidates.

The CRMA designation is recognition that you understand the core facets of revenue optimization (forecasting, rate and availability, overbooking, displacement analysis, performance measurement, exposure to distribution, and digital marketing) and can translate that understanding into making strategic and tactical decisions.

The CRMA certification exam is based on curriculum teaching tools provided through the program.

Topic areas include:

  • Supply, Demand, and Revenue Management
  • Distribution Evolution
  • Hotel Ownership, Organization, and Management
  • Rooms – Rate, Supply, and Performance
  • Reservations, Pace, and Forecasting
  • Demand Control: Threshold Revenue Management, Discount Allocation, and Availability Controls
  • Overbooking
  • Groups and Displacement
  • Pricing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • User Generated Content
  • OTAs
  • Opaque Selling

For faculty teaching a revenue management course, our CRMA curriculum toolbox includes slides, links to free in-class readings, individual and small group exercises, quizzes, and a revenue management simulator. All or any of these tools can be used to supplement a current curriculum or build an entire course. To obtain access to the toolbox, register.

To be eligible for the CRMA program candidates must be:

  • A student currently enrolled in a hospitality program at a college or university with a CRMA program.
  • A professor or adjunct instructor currently teaching in a hospitality program.

If your school does not currently have a revenue management course, please reach out to ktindell@hsmai.org for information on how to become a CRMA.

The registration fee for students includes application processing, the CRMA course, and exam processing.

                                                                   HSMAI Member                                Non-Members
Registration Fee                                             $99                                                         $99
Re-examination Fee                                     $0                                                           $0
Recertification Fee                                        Not Applicable                                  Not Applicable

*There is no fee for HSMAI-registered faculty instructors to receive free access to the course materials. To obtain access to the curriculum toolbox, register.

Register online to take the exam at the end of your course, following the instructions of your instructor.

Reach out to your revenue management faculty advisor at your college or university for details on how to prepare for the exam.

Contact Kathleen Tindell | ktindell@hsmai.org | 703-506-2010