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Content and Rate Parity Best Practices from Global Distribution Executives

In the first ever HSMAI global distribution executive roundtable, leaders in the field gathered to share best practices and challenges. It was clear from the start that the group had a lot to talk about around content and rate parity and leakage – the biggest challenges everyone faced. Here are best practices that came out of the discussion.

Resort Fees and Pricing Power

As Resort Fees (or Urban Fees) become more common for hotels as a new revenue stream, what are the guests feeling about it? What are the values provided by bundled services, and should we give guests more options?  The Revenue Rising Leader Council recently discussed these issues.

Preparing Your Pricing Strategy for Recovery

One common reaction in times of crisis is to dramatically reduce your hotel’s average daily rate (ADR) to boost near-term revenue. Instead, go back to the basics of your pricing strategy to adapt to this ever-changing landscape.

Revenue Predictions About Reopening

HSMAI’s Revenue Optimization Advisory Board (ROAB) met on a call May 7 to discuss further implications of the coronavirus, in particular how hotels are thinking about reopening. Here are a few takeaways from the discussion.

Pricing Best Practices

Insights from Damiano Zennaro, Director, Global Advisory Services, IDeaS Revenue Solutions and member of HSMAI Europe Revenue Optimisation Advisory Board.

Pricing Psychology in Challenging Times

As the coronavirus continues to spread, many hoteliers are wondering how to adjust their revenue strategy. Carter Wilson of STR presented data from the 2009–2010 recession to illustrate the implications of dropping prices versus holding steady during low-demand periods as part of a program in HSMAI’s Confronting Coronavirus webinar series.

The Future of Pricing

This paper explores the current state of revenue management and the approaches used by revenue management systems (RMS) to support hotel revenue management; new trends in revenue management systems and analytics that are shaping the future today; and makes recommendations regarding RMS approaches and trends that hoteliers should consider, based on their specific market and strategy.

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