How to Own Your Owner

The Lightning Round is a signature program at HSMAI’s ROC event — giving six revenue optimization executives just six minutes and 40 seconds each to share a best practice, strategic insight, or big idea. At ROC 2019, Sunny Brewer, CRME, senior director of revenue optimization for Ashford Inc., presented a Lightning Round session called “How to Own Your Owner” that focused on the relationship that revenue professionals have with different types of owners.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Some owners are sweet, Brewer noted, and others aren’t. Some are clueless, and some think they know everything. But no matter what character traits owners have, Brewer said, they’re all about maximizing profit. It’s crucial to be transparent and proactive in communications with them. “Make sure you understand what is important to owners and why,” Brewer said. This way, you can align your KPIs and plans, and work together to run a successful, profitable business.

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