Navigating Change Management

Debra Wolman, Group Vice President, Americas, Duetto, HSMAI Revenue Optimization Advisory Board Member  

In the climate of rapid technological innovations, change management is critical for hospitality companies. Successfully implementing change requires a strategic approach, an innovative mindset, and the ability to bring stakeholders on board. I met with the HSMAI Revenue Optimization Advisory Board to explore effective strategies for change management. I started the session polling the group. Perhaps surprisingly, 95% of attendees indicated that there were things their organization could have done to better prepare for a recent change that could have made the transition easier. We then delved into best practices for change management.  

Top Six Takeaways: 

  1. Embrace change as a constant and foster a culture that thrives on innovation.
  2. Recognize that not everyone responds to change in the same way and promote a learning mindset to facilitate smoother transitions.
  3. Engage stakeholders early on, listen to their concerns, and actively involve them in shaping the change.
  4. Overcome resistance to change through constant communication, highlighting the “why” and the benefits for individuals, teams, and the organization.
  5. Start with the skeptics and work towards converting them, emphasizing individual ownership and responsibility for successful change implementation.
  6. Learn from past experiences and continuously improve your change management strategies.

Change management is an ongoing process, and learning from past experiences is key. Take time to evaluate the outcomes of previous changes, analyzing what went well and what could be improved. Use these insights to refine your change management strategies for future initiatives. Building a culture that values continuous learning and improvement will enhance your organization’s ability to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. 

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Questions for your team:  

  • Think back to the last time your company introduced either a significant change in process or a new system/program. 
  • Do you believe there were things your organization could have done to better prepare for the change or that could have made the transition easier? 
  • How do we help future revenue optimization managers to embrace a culture of change? 

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