HSMAI CHSL Study Guide Coming Soon!

Are you looking to enhance your knowledge of hotel sales? HSMAI’s comprehensive CHSL study guide covers a wide range of topics relevant to today’s hotel sales leaders. From the intersection of sales and technology to the importance of business acumen, this guide provides valuable insights and practical strategies for success in the dynamic world of hotel sales.  

You’ll discover how technology is transforming the sales process, with chapters on digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Learn how to leverage these tools to generate leads, personalize offers, and optimize revenue.  

But it’s not all about technology – this guide also covers essential leadership skills, from building and retaining a high-performing sales team to managing the sales function and driving profitability. With contributions from industry experts, this guide is an invaluable resource for hotel sales leaders looking to stay ahead of the curve.  

In addition to sales and technology, this guide also delves into the importance of revenue management and the interdependence of sales and revenue optimization. Learn how to evaluate potential business and determine its value, as well as how to optimize your distribution and reduce customer acquisition costs. 

Read on for excerpts from the first chapter Chapter 1: Where Hotel Sales and Technology Meet by HSMAI’s Americas Sales Advisory Board.  

Technology and Leading Sales Today 

Technology has radically altered selling processes, creating new opportunities for sales teams to become more efficient and data-driven, and to deliver highly personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. 

Technology has made some of the transactional aspects of sales easier, making touchpoints with customers even more important. Robust customer relationship management (CRM) systems have become essential for managing leads, tracking customer interactions, and analyzing sales performance data to optimize processes. A successful sales leader will: 

  • Fully understand the capabilities of the sales intelligence and CRM tools to which their team has access, especially when it comes to lead scoring, sales forecasting, and customer data and analytics. 
  • Ensure that their team leverages the hotel’s CRM systems to manage leads and customer interactions, track sales performance metrics, and optimize sales processes. 

Made possible by developments in technology, hotel sales, marketing, and revenue management functions have become more integrated. Digital marketing tactics like content marketing, email campaigns, and paid advertising directly support sales pipelines. And advanced revenue management systems allow revenue teams, of which sales is a member, to dynamically manage pricing and inventory in response to real-time market conditions. This integration requires sellers to understand the fundamentals of both revenue management and marketing to make sure the right offer is made to the right customer at the right time. A successful sales leader will: 

  • Appreciate the components of, and colleagues who specialize in, digital marketing and revenue management. Understand how they influence the discipline of sales, and vice versa. 
  • Ensure that their team knows how and when to leverage which marketing tools — from content marketing to email campaigns, paid advertising, and more — to support sales efforts (see Chapter 10 on Digital Marketing Best Practices & Measurement). 
  • Ensure that their teams master the fundamentals of revenue management and can identify the most impactful partnership opportunities for sales and revenue management, including market segmentation, pricing, forecasting, and performance measurement (See Chapter 11, A Sales Leader’s Guide to Revenue Management). 

Sales teams now have access to richer data analytics tools, enabling them to better understand customer behavior, communication and buying preferences, and purchasing patterns, allowing for more personalized and targeted sales efforts. These data analytics tools are also used to measure success metrics and make more informed decisions. A successful sales leader will: 

  • Recognize the tremendous value — and role — of data for the sales organization and understand how to leverage data to become a more effective commercial strategist. 
  • Build the capabilities of their sellers to use data to be more strategic and targeted in their prospecting and customer engagement efforts. 

Additional technological innovations impacting sales today — and how successful sales leaders can lean into them — include: 

  • Digital Sales Channels: Train and coach sellers to adapt their traditional face-to-face sales interactions to virtual selling environments and digital channels like email, social media, and video conferencing. See Chapter 3 (Effective Communication and Presentation Skills for Sales Leaders). 
  • Social Media: Understand the role of social media in hotel sales, and leverage social platforms like LinkedIn for your (and your team members’) personal branding, networking, and directly engaging prospects. See Chapter 3 on Effective Communication and Presentation Skills for Sales Leaders (“Your Professional Image and Personal Brand” section) and Chapter 10 on Digital Marketing Best Practices & Measurement. Also, see the section on “Social Selling” later in this chapter. 
  • Automation and AI: Investigate opportunities for automation and AI to streamline repetitive sales tasks, enhance lead scoring and personalization efforts, and answer customer queries. See Chapter 13 on Artificial Intelligence and Hotel Sales. 


HSMAI’s CHSL Study Guide will be available this summer!  

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