HSMAI Special Report: Hotel Management Company Sales Incentive Plans

Take a deep dive into the state of hospitality incentives in a new HSMAI Special Report: Hotel Management Company Sales Incentive Plans, released by HSMAI and ZS to discover key findings in incentive compensation structure, metrics, revenue, goal attainment, and more. The report, which is made possible with the
support of HSMAI Organizational Member companies, is designed to help hospitality leaders make informed decisions to maximize the design and success of incentive plans.

The latest research first outlines the framework for sales incentive plan design. The report finds that at its core, a good incentive plan is strategic, motivational, fair, simple, and fiscally responsible. Additionally, incentive plans should ideally have metrics that are strategic, controllable, and measurable. The study further outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each incentive plan type, what drives top performers, payout curves, and more. The report shares important data on compensation structure, the metrics used to determine incentive compensation, incentive payout, and goal attainment.

HSMAI Special Report: Hotel Management Company Sales Incentive Plans is an excellent resource for special projects and a strong reference for hospitality incentive program design metrics and key insights.

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