​Certified Hospitality Revenue Management Executive (CRME)

You’re a hospitality revenue professional and want to be recognized for your knowledge, experience, and capabilities in the discipline.

You need the premier credential dedicated to the art and science of revenue optimization. You need the CRME.

Included with Certification: Just updated study guide Evolving Dynamics: From Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy, 4th Edition

The exclusive CRME certification demonstrates to yourself, your employer, your colleagues, and your peers that you are a professional in the field of revenue optimization with tactical and strategic expertise in identifying business opportunities, maximizing profits, and driving growth, and fostering a revenue management culture within your organization.

The CRME certification exam is based on the CRME study guide, Evolving Dynamics: From Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy.

Topic areas include:

  • From Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy
  • The Revenue Professional
  • Economics and its Role in Revenue Optimization
  • Departmental Integration
  • Understanding the Market
  • Segmenting Customers and Utilizing Sources to Target Optimal Mix
  • Forecasting, Pricing and Inventory Control
  • Performance Analysis
  • Strategic Distribution
  • The Interdependence of Sales & Revenue Optimization
  • Emerging Elements Impacting Revenue Strategy

For more, see study guide Table of Contents.

The registration fee includes application processing, the CRME study guide, and the exam.

HSMAI Member Non-Members
Registration Fee $500 $675
Re-examination Fee $45 $45
Recertification Fee (every 3 years) $150 $200

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The CRME certification program is a two-part process in which you must complete the CRME application to demonstrate your eligibility (minimum points: 50), and then pass an online exam covering the functions performed in revenue management. CRME applications may be sent to HSMAI any time throughout the year. Once approved, you may take the online exam at a time of your choosing, as long as it is within twelve (12) months of having your application approved.

Your application will be assessed on a points basis according to your work profile. The items assessed are:

  • Professional Experience
  • On-the-Job Responsibilities
  • Membership in an Industry Organization
  • Leadership in an Industry Organization
  • Authoring Published Articles
  • Speaking at Industry Programs/Meetings
  • Higher Education Coursework
  • Non-Academic Coursework
  • Other Certifications

*Applicants must earn a minimum cumulative total of 50 points from the areas specified above to be eligible for the CRME. Review CRME application for more details.

1. Click Here to log in if you are an HSMAI member or already have an account, OR…
2. Click Here to create an account…when you’ve created your account, click Continue to Registration.
3. Complete the online CRME application and submit it.
4. When your application is approved, you will receive an email and can pay the certification fee online.
5. Read and study  Evolving Dynamics: From Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy, the study guide for the CRME.  The study guide is included in the cost of the certification and will be sent to you as soon as payment is made.
6. Take the online exam at the time of your choosing as long as it is within a year of having your application approved.

Study Evolving Dynamics at your own pace and take the exam when you’re ready.

If you are attending ROC in June, there is an optional opportunity is to take the CRME Review Course, a one-day, face-to-face “cram session” that — while not required for the CRME exam — covers key concepts outlined in the study guide. Participants who have applied for the CRME in advance can take the exam onsite immediately following the course.

HSMAI also offers the online Hospitality Revenue Optimization Essentials certificate course, which covers the topics outlined in the study guide with a live instructor.  The course is a separate fee from the certification.

CRMEs are required to renew the certification every three years. There is no exam, but you must 1) earn a minimum of 20 points on the recertification application, which verifies that you are still active in the field of revenue optimization and 2) pay the recertification fee. All points claimed on the recertification application must have been earned since the date of your initial CRME certification, or your last renewal.


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