​Certified Hospitality Revenue Management Executive (CRME) Certification

The Certified Revenue Management Executive certification offers you the chance to confirm your knowledge, experience, and capabilities in the field of revenue management.

Complete the CRME application (or complete the Writable PDF application), and pass an online exam.

CRME applications may be sent to HSMAI University any time throughout the year. Once approved, you may take the online exam at a time of your choosing, as long as it is within one year of having your application approved.

Get started today! Print an application, or complete the writable PDF application, and send it to HSMAI University, 7918 Jones Branch Road, Suite 300, McLean, VA 22102 (or email it to hsmaiu@hsmai.org).

Once your application has been approved and payment is received, you will receive a digital copy of the study guide, The Evolving Dynamics of Revenue Management: A Comprehensive Revenue Optimization Road Map for Hotel Owners, Operators and Practitioners.

Notify HSMAI University when you’re ready to take the exam and you will receive further instructions.

The face-to-face CRME Review Course is for candidates pursuing the Certified Revenue Management Executive (CRME) certification. The course covers the key concepts outlined in the certification study guide, and is a great last “cram session” before taking the certification exam.

Review course participants are required to read the study guide in advance of this fast-paced class. A digital copy of the study guide is included in the course registration fee.

Participants, who have applied for the certification in advance, have the opportunity to take the CRME exam onsite immediately following the review course. You must provide your own laptop in order to take the exam onsite.

The next Review course will be held in conjunction with the HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC) Americas, June in Minneapolis. Details to come shortly.

  • HSMAI Members: $450; Non-members: $625
  • If you do not pass and need to retake the exam, the re-examination fee is $45.
  • HSMAI Members: $450; Non-members: $625
  • If you do not pass and need to retake the exam, the re-examination fee is $45.
  • CRMEs are required to renew their certification every three years.To be recertified, CRMEs must earn a minimum amount of points on the recertification application – there is no exam required. All points claimed must have been earned within the past three years, since the date of initial CRME certification or last renewal. Therefore it is important that you keep track of all your activities each year even after receiving the CRME.Certifications expire on December 31, three years from the year a person originally certified (e.g., if you certified in 2012, regardless of which month of the year, your certification is due for renewal by December 31, 2015).Recertification notices are sent as a courtesy in the first quarter of the year in which you are due for renewal, and additional reminders are sent throughout the year. With that notice, CRMEs receive information regarding the recertification process and instructions to access the recertification application form and guidelines.The completed application and recertification fee is due October 15. A late fee will be applied to applications received between October 16 and December 31. Adhering to all deadlines is the responsibility of the CRME.Click here for the CRME Recertification Application.

The CRME designation is recognition that you are:

  • A professional in the field of revenue management and clearly conversant with its intricacies and importance
  • Competent to develop an infrastructure to support revenue management within the framework of an organization
  • Able to maximize revenue opportunities and optimize profits by managing revenue
  • Capable of making informed decisions to accept or reject pieces of business to meet overall organizational goals
  • Proficient at the art and science of revenue management