Master Class: Design For Attention Webinar Series

Small screens are the new reality. You’ve adapted by rapidly moving events and meetings online. Now it’s time to make sure you have the skills to create first-in-class webinars, team meetings, even virtual client conversations.

This three-part webinar series, free for HSMAI members thanks to the HSMAI Foundation, will help you continue to build their presentation skills…virtually. All talks are reinforced with tip sheets and other resources from Mindset Digital. The 45-minute sessions begin at 1 PM Eastern and are led by international keynote speaker and entrepreneur, Debra Jasper, Ph.D.

February 5:  The Power of Narrative: Earn Your

February 12: The Power of the Visual: Wow Your

February 19: The Power of Micro Stories: Engage Your
Audience and Drive Action

Free for HSMAI Members thanks to the HSMAI Foundation

SESSION 1: The Power of Narrative: Earn Your Audience
Your audiences have long been distracted. Now, they are more distant, too. How do you get them to tune in to your next virtual client presentation or team meeting?

To have impact, you must design your talks and meetings for a small screen––in a way that makes a big impact. We’ll show you how to:
• design for attention and today’s virtual audience
• use narrative structure, pacing and the three-second rule
• take advantage of micro moments, storylines and more

SESSION 2: The Power of the Visual: Wow Your Audience
We take in most of our information through our eyes. So your presentation or online webinar can wow a crowd––or lose one––in the first few minutes (or even the opening title slide).

This session will cover how to:
• leverage rapid visual storytelling to capture attention
• use images to illustrate (not decorate)
• avoid the biggest mistakes presenters make, especially for virtual audiences
• apply fast fixes to your delivery so you stand out from the crowd

SESSION 3: The Power of Micro Stories: Engage Your Audience and Drive Action
We’re 7x more likely to remember facts when they are shared through stories. But today’s stories must short, visual and easy to understand, remember and share. So how do you create “micro stories” and “storylines” that engages your audience and drives action?

Session topics include how to:
• convey complex ideas or data through short, high-impact micro stories
• fully leverage anchoring, smart comparisons and storylines
• apply five fast fixes for delivering on a small screen—from selecting the right background to
designing the right back up