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HSMAI University offers a wide-ranging schedule of course offerings and learning experiences in digital, interactive formats.

Programs offer specialized content to help you fuel sales, inspire marketing, and optimize revenue. Every aspect of the content and support material included in the HSMAI University programs has been specifically designed and developed for those involved in sales, marketing, and revenue management, including a wealth of subject matter appropriate to individuals with responsibilities ranging from entry-level to advanced.


HSMAI has offered industry-leading certifications for more than 30 years. Explore how a certification in revenue management, digital marketing, or business acumen can advance your career.

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Instructor-Led Virtual Education: The Essentials


Acquire a better understanding of the hospitality digital marketing concepts, tools, and techniques you need to know in 2020.

You will be able to confidently find your way through the complex web of hotel digital marketing and come away with the knowledge to work more skillfully with internal teams and external partners to grow sales.

This is an excellent “prep course” if you’re considering pursuing the Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer (CHDM) certification.

Hotel REVENUE OPTIMIZATION Essentials – Introductory $50 Off Special!

Today more than ever it is essential for hoteliers across disciplines to be able to confidently navigate both the art and science of revenue optimization, and confirm their knowledge, experience, and capabilities in the field.

This course takes a deep dive into the fundamentals, cross-disciplinary partnerships, and emerging elements impacting revenue optimization.

This is an excellent “prep course” if you’re considering pursuing the Certified Revenue Management Executive (CRME) certification.

Hotel DIGITAL SALES Essentials

Do you need to understand buyers new approach to purchasing today? This course will give you the strategies, digital tools, and confidence you need to find and close more sales.

You will learn to create awareness and engage prospects earlier through social networks, help buyers make sense of the overwhelming amount of information available through clear and compelling digital communication, and ultimately turn customers into advocates.

Hotel DATA ANALYTICS Essentials – Introductory $50 Off Special!

With a mix of theory and practical exercises, this course will help you build a strong foundation of data and analytics best practices that you can use to make smarter business decisions and increase the effectiveness of collaboration across departments.

Recorded Conference Presentations

Members have access to recorded presentations from recent HSMAI conferences including the Marketing Strategy Conference and HSMAI ROC Americas.

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Self-Paced Online Training

The RO2Win revenue optimization e-course trains hotel team members — from the front desk to the general manager — to optimize every opportunity to increase hotel revenue.

Special Member Pricing: $49 for limited time!