HSMAI University

HSMAI University offers a wide-ranging schedule of course offerings and learning experiences in public venue, private label and online formats.

Programs offer specialized content to help you fuel sales, inspire marketing, and optimize revenue. Every aspect of the content and support material included in the HSMAI University programs has been specifically designed and developed for those involved in sales, marketing, and revenue management, including a wealth of subject matter appropriate to individuals with responsibilities ranging from entry-level to advanced.


HSMAI introduced certification for hotel sales professionals nearly thirty years ago. Today HSMAI offers certification in several disciplines, including revenue management, business acumen, and the newest, digital marketing.

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Education – Videos

Members can now access recorded session videos from the 2017-2019 HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference and the 2017 and 2018 HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC) Americas, available free to HSMAI members. Non-Members can purchase viewings for $59 per session.

ROC Series Partners:

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Digital Marketing Series Partners:

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Education – Webinars

Members can now access more than 50 HSMAI University webinars from the past three years, as well as all new webinars on today’s hottest sales, marketing, and revenue optimization topics immediately after they are recorded. With over 20 webinars in our HSMAI University pipeline this year, this new benefit is worth $1,980 on an annual basis. Non-Members can purchase webinar recordings for $59 per session.

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HSMAI University offers online training programs in conjunction with top universities and industry experts.


HSMAI University’s RO2Win revenue optimization program. HSMAI and the Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Research at Florida International University have created RO2Win, an online revenue optimization course for hospitality professionals, that trains a team to optimize every opportunity to increase hotel revenue.

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HSMAI University’s Sales2Win will be a series of self-paced online training programs for sales professionals who are looking to evolve into better businesspeople who take a more strategic and consultative approach toward customer interactions.

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